Project "Jingle all the Way"

It's been a while back .. But back in december the Bad Dudes did an album consisting out of only jingles from video games.

I took on a track from Megaman 3. The Game Over tune. Enjoy.

The "Bad Dudes - Jingle all the Way" Project page.

New Remix : Camrade ( Animal Crossing )

Made this track for Joe Cam's Animal Crossing remix project.

Unfortunately it got canceled, but he still decided to share the goodness from the remixers that took time to create an arrangement for it.

You can get the torrent here

You can also check out my contribution here


Chronotorious! Competition and available for pre-order now!

15 delicious Chrono Trigger tracks have been arranged for you. But only if you buy the CD album. When the CD is gone, it's gone forever, along with 5 of the tracks. There will be an iTunes/AmazonMP3 release, but it will only feature 10 tracks, won't include the poster and you'll find yourself scouring eBay for a legit copy. Don't be a jerk - get the CD before all 1,000 are gone.

The album is available for $12 USD.

Click the picture to enter the Bad Dudes website.

Back in action

Alright, most of the tracks I want on here are uploaded.
I also had some time to fix the projects I've participated in.
Feel free to browse around and listen to some of my tracks. And hopefully .. Enjoy.