Projects I've participated in

Bad Dudes - Jingle all the Way

An album by the Bad Dudes, consisting purely of remixes from video game jingles.
Check it out !


I did the track "Over and Out" for this.

Bad Dudes - Chronotorious

Chronotorious is an album from "Bad Dudes", which represent a couple of "Bad Dudes" who have a passion for making music and videogames/videogame music.


I did the track "Enforced Enlightenment" for this.

Maatstaven - Echte Pappies

Maatstaven represents a Dutch hiphop formation.


Did the tracks "Tijdloos and Die Echte" on this. (Production)

Bad Dudes & Friends - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Resurrection

Some Bad Dudes, with the help of some friends, take on the legendary Symphony of the Night soundtrack by Michiru Yamane.

The release comes just in time for Halloween (though it's not really spooky, but if you don't like it, go suck an egg). You know the drill by now - download this and prepare for radness.


Did the tracks "Empty Frame, Wood Striking Partita and 2Step of Gold" for this.

Bad Dudes - Super Dodgeball - No Balls, No Glory

In June of 1989, the United States was given a great gift. Super Dodgeball on the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 2008, we'll see a remake of this classic game unleashed on the Nintendo DS as Super Dodge Ball Brawlers.

In honor of this amazing game, which was nothing more than hard-core athletes throwing volleyballs at each other, the Bad Dudes have put together an album of arrangements of Kazuo Sawa's original Super Dodgeball video game score.

Bad Dudes - Zombies Rocked My Neighbors

The Bad Dudes are back with another EP of some freaky business for you all. It's Halloween and time to scare some kids. So we deliver unto you some scary tracks (and well, some not so scary tracks, but they rock anyway).

Put them on your Haunted House playlists for the neighborhood kids or just freak out your friends by locking them in the closet for a few weeks, not feeding them, and making them listen to zyko. ouch.

Enjoy this freaky business and we'll deliver more sooner than later.


Did the track "Bats in a Box" for this.

Bad Dudes - Bad Dudes ( EP )

In Mid-September, 2006, Mustin realized that he hadn't heard any music from himself or his friends in some time. He called up everyone to see how they were doing and it appeared that everyone was under a funky spell. He knew this spell had to be broken...

Mystik Kwest

M I S S T I K - K W E S T - A Final Fantasy Mystic Quest ReMiX Project


Did the track "And he returned home" for this.